Asbestos Plan

OCSD is required to maintain an Asbestos management plan which details planned inspections, response actions and post response plans.

Plans can be reviewed at the OCSD District Administration building - 565 Sayles Street

Code of Conduct Policy 1010

OCSD policy 1010 describes the expectations for acceptable conduct  on school property and at school functions.


Courses including Dissection of Animals Policy 8202

OCSD policy 8202 describes the district’s policy regarding students’ rights to be excused from conducting/witnessing animal dissection.


Education Record Policy 7061

OCSD policy 7061 describes the district’s obligation to maintain confidentiality of student education records


Equal Opportunity and Non-discrimination

OCSD policy 0011 describes the district’s commitment to provide education services/ programs and employment without discrimination or harassment.


Testing transparency

Any school that receives funding from the federal government is required to provide parents upon request with information regarding student participation in NYS 3-8 assessments.

Each building principal has information about NYS 3-8 assessment participation procedures.  Please contact your building principal with questions and concerns about your child’s participation in the NYS 3-8 assessments.

Military Recruiter Disclosure

Parents of high school students have the right to request that the district not release the child’s name, address & telephone number to military recruiters without prior written request.

Forms can be found in the high school guidance office

Parent Access to Instructional Materials, Third Party Surveys and Marketing Surveys Policy 7062

OCSD policy 7062 governs the district’s use and disclosure of instructional materials, protected information surveys, third party surveys and marketing surveys.


Parent and Family Engagement in Title I Programs Policy 8601

OCSD policy 8601 describes the district’s use of Title I funds to improve educational opportunities for educationally deprived students.


Pesticide Notification

OCSD uses current Integrated Pest Management practices to reduce the use of pesticides in our building and on our grounds which includes the smallest quantities and the safest products that will keep our facilities safe.  As required under the NYS law for notification of pesticide application, this notice is to inform you of the following pesticide use for September 2016 to August 2017- NO pesticides were used during the 2016-2017 school year.

If you wish to be included on a list of persons to receive written notification 48 hours prior to pesticide application, please contact Jim Rowley, Assistant Superintendent for Finance, or Michelle Worden, Administrative Assistant, at 363-2550 ext. 2003.  For additional information about the district’s integrated pest management program contact Jamie Brennan, Buildings and Grounds Supervisor, at 363-8555.  For further information about the products being applied, including any warnings that appear on the label of the pesticide(s), call the National Pesticides Telecommunications Network at 1-800-858-7378 or the NYS Dept. of Health Center for Environmental Health at 1800-458-1158

Student Attendance Policy 7021

OCSD policy 7021 describes the district’s student attendance policy.


Student Health Examinations Policy 7065

OCSD policy 7065 describes the district’s expectation regarding student examinations or screenings permitted or required by state law.


Student Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy 7053

OCSD policy 7053 describes the district’s prohibition of alcohol and drugs on school property or school sponsored events. 


Use of Security Video Cameras Policy 5026

OCSD Policy 5026 describes the district’s use of surveillance video cameras throughout the school district.