As we move through the second quarter of the school year, I continue to be amazed by our faculty and staff who are committed to ensuring a safe educational experience for our students. Whether it's our bus drivers accepting health screeners smiling behind their masks or our teachers persisting at teaching with masks on, our school community has adapted to the challenges of this school year. 

We opened under a hybrid model and continue to offer that model for the majority of our learners. While some parents chose to keep their children home learning remotely, more than 75% of our students and families have chosen the in-person option. 

Each week our Reopening Advisory Committee meets. This group is comprised of all stakeholders - teachers, parents, administrators, and the committee explores many topics as we work to reopen. The committee recently worked through a communication protocol, and is looking at ways to bring more of our learners back to in-person learning, more frequently. 

We know that this year, more than ever, we are facing adaptive challenges. These are challenges that require collaboration, research and negotiation. These challenges are not cut and dried, and have no clear cut answer, which makes for uncertainty and discomfort.  We are committed to ensuring that teachers feel supported so that they can focus on teaching and learning with students.

OCSD teachers and support staff spent this summer engaging in hours of professional development. Our department teamed up with the technology department to design a menu of choice offerings that appeal to all of our adult learners. Teachers were eager to learn new ways to utilize the Google Suite as they interact with students and families. Our synchronous and asynchronous workshops aimed to help teachers learn how to use the tools to teach in more rigorous and relevant ways.

Throughout the 2019-2020 school year teachers worked to prioritize the Next Generation Learning Standards in ELA and Math. Now the work moves to unpacking the standards. Teachers are examining exactly what a standard is asking students to know and be able to do. This work is powerful as teachers can then design assessments that provide students with opportunities to show what they know., and what they have learned. The work that follows will focus on designing engaging and systematic curriculum and instruction to meet those priorities.

Our professional development goals for the 20-21 school year are to:
   1) re-engage students, staff and families by focusing primarily on social and emotional learning during the first month of school. This welcome back plan will include a clear and consistent approach.

   2) utilize instructional strategies that are highly engaging and measure this utilizing an engagement walkthrough tool
   3) focus on creating and sustaining professional learning communities and coaching in the math workshop model at the elementary level.
   4) understand the tiers of Academic Intervention Services and Response to Intervention and how to use RtI Edge to leverage communication and documentation with all stakeholders.

   5) design assessments and write curriculum maps that are rooted in the Next Generation Learning Standards

An expansive elementary committee spent the year researching the report card and its purpose. The committee studied several exemplars and designed a new report card that we rolled out to all parents in the fall of 2020. 

There is a great deal to be excited about! These are challenging times and it is crucial that now, more than ever, we work collaboratively to respond to these adaptive challenges.

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