Family ID FAQ  

Q: How do I create a Family ID Account?
A: To create a Family ID Account you will first need an email account.Email is for verification purposes and communication.  Click on the link for Family Registration Portal ID and follow the on screen instructions. If you are having trouble, call the student registration office at 315-361-6072 and we will walk you through the process.

Q: I do not have internet access; how can I create a FamilyID Account?
A: A parent can gain access to FamilyID by going anyplace with internet access. Parents can go to their public library, go to the closest school building, visit or call the Student Registration office at 315-361-6072.

Q: I do not have an email address. Do I need email to register my child on FamilyID?
A: Yes. If you do not have an email address, you can create a free one with Google, Hotmail or Yahoo. If you need assistance, please visit or call the student registration office at 315-361-6072

Q: I have no means of transportation to get to a school building, public library or registration office. How can I register my child? 
A: Please call the student registration Office at 315-361-6072.

Q: I am having trouble with signing into my Family ID Account. Can someone help me?
A: You can always call the student registration Office at 315-361-6072. Or you can contact Family ID Customer Support by emailing them at [email protected] or by calling them at 888.800.5583. 

Q: What do I do if I only have an
Address Changes, Phone Number Change, Email Change or Transportation Change?
A: Parents can update and modify their information directly in their FamilyID Account. Simply sign back in and edit. Once you sign in there is a box that states Edit Existing Account. An email will come back to the registration office notifying of the account modifications. Registration will update schooltool and notify Transportation. It's that easy! 

Q: I do not remember my FamilyID password. What do I do?
A: Go to the login screen on Family ID, type in your email address, and below where it asks for the password, is a link that says forgot my password. An email will be sent to you where you can reset your password.