Oneida City School District Student Registration - Welcome to Oneida!

Registration Contact: Nancy Marji;
Direct: 315-361-6072, Fax: 315-366-0253

 Costello Transportation Center, 1136 Freedom Drive, Oneida.

Office Hours: 
Monday - Friday 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

 Contact the registration office at 315-361-6072 to schedule an appointment for any student entering grades Pre K - 12. 

Foster Care Contact: 
please contact Allison Ferrucci (315) 363-2550, Opt 2

To start the FamilyID online enrollment process - click on the link below: 

Click HERE to find out more about our online registration process, FamilyID. 

Additional State Registration Forms

In addition to the online registration process, there are additional forms that must be handed in. Click on the link HERE for a list of additional state forms. 

Arrange Transportation

Contact the registration office at (315) 361-6072 for the appropriate paperwork to be filled out. Once completed, the paperwork will then be forwarded to the Transportation Department. The coordinating school building secretary will contact you with the bussing information.
You can find more information about transportation HERE

Parent Portal


The Oneida City School District uses Schooltool as its Student Data Management System. The District will be providing parents and legal guardians of students in grades 4-12 access to information in Schooltool through the Parent Portal as a way of encouraging participation in a child’s education and improving communication between students, parents/guardians, and District Staff. 
Click HERE for more information and how to sign up.