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Counselors will be posting important information here.  Contact can be made with counselors via email or through the classroom.


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 Madison County services available
Please follow the below links to find local services available to all Madison County residents

Madison County Webpage

Madison County Service Directory
Important Dates

Senior Workshop Day.......September 27th
Senior Parent Night...... 
September 27th 6pm

Financial Aid Assistance Night........ October 6th, 2022 6-7:30pm
PSAT...... October 12th
College Fair.…………………October 13th, 2022 11-12:30

AP Exams…………………… May 2023

SAT Date (for OHS).………...March 11, 2023 

Welcome to the OHS Counseling & Guidance Homepage  
Contact Information: P: (315) 363-6901 x3  F: (315) 366-0619
Throughout your four years in High School, you will be presented with many exciting opportunities as well as possible challenges.  The counselors are available to support you and share valuable information to ensure a positive and successful academic career. Be sure to check back often as we continually update our site! 


    Mrs. Erika Haggerty, Director A-F [email protected]
    Ms. Alexis Scampone, Counselor G-M [email protected]
    Mr. Nicolas Grossmann, Counselor N-Z [email protected] 
    Mrs. Stephanie Anderson, Social Worker
    [email protected]
    Mrs. Kim Friend-Griffing, Counseling Secretary [email protected]

    Meet the OHS Counseling Team!


    From Left to right: Patty Vaccaro, Nicolas Grossmann, Erika Haggerty, Stephanie Anderson, Alexis Scampone


    Scheduling Info: Student should be reviewing the below course description books, counselors will begin meeting with students to make plans for next year.  Please email your students counselor with any questions. 

22-23 Course Description Final.pdf


Attn: all students needing working papers, we are sure many of you will be looking for working papers over the next few weeks.  Please see below instructions to obtain working papers while we are closed.  

Download the application below

Parents need to fill out Part I and Part II of the form. 

 Student's physical needs to updated within the past year.  Will be verified by the school nurse.  

Completed application should be emailed to [email protected] or dropped off in the counseling office.  After verification, Mrs. Friend-Griffing will provide the documents.

Working Papers Application
Driver Education

Students 16 years of age and older can enroll in this State Education Department approved course that teaches new drivers how to operate a vehicle safely and in accordance with NY traffic laws. Successful graduates receive an MV-285 student certificate (formerly known as a “blue card”). This program is a combination of 24 classroom hours and 24 on-the-road instruction hours. Students must have a valid learner’s permit. To pass and receive a certificate, 100% attendance is required*. 
Tuition: $625

September 12 - November 7
Mondays, Tuesdays, & Wednesdays
3:30 - 6:30 PM
Please note: drive times will vary by group
MO BOCES, Verona

*Additional fees for make-up hours; there will only be one make-up session

Register online here or by phone:


Information Sessions

November 5th and November 11th

We know it's hard for students to visit campus during the week and miss school - so we've added some Information Sessions on weekends and holidays! If you have any students that might be interested in attending, please be sure to pass this information along.

Information sessions are scheduled for November 5th at 10 am, and November 11th at 10 am and 1 pm. Sessions include an admissions presentation and tour of campus. Registration is available by contacting our office, or they may register online at www.herkimer.edu/visit.

As always, thank you so much for your support!
The Admissions Team

Greetings from OCC! Are you thinking about your next
steps in the College process
? Do you want to know what college classes are like? Have some questions about costs and financial aid? Just wondering what to do next?

You are invited to come be
College Student for a DayTuesday,
November 8th 11:30am – 3pm
 is an opportunity for prospective students and their parents and/or support members:
·  Dig into the Transition to College process with our Admissions and Onboarding team
·  Enjoy lunch on us and win some prizes!
·  Students will experience first-hand what a college class is like by sitting in on a live class – in the subject area of their choice
· Parents and Support Members will learn about Financial Aid and Scholarships with our Financial Aid experts
·  Finally, an optional tour of campus will be available
Just click on this link below to sign up

Register Here



College Scholarship Opportunity for Juniors and Sophomores:  College Board Big Future is offering a chance at scholarships for students that complete a career quiz by November 30, 2022.  See link below for more information
Click here for more info









Tompkins Cortland Community College is hosting our annual College Fair Tuesday, October 18th from 12:00-2:00pm and 6:00-8:00pm.  Between 80-100 colleges should be on hand to meet with students and parents to answer questions about admissions, financial aid, and college life. Students can register to attend the college fair at this link or clicking on the below graphic: College Fair (12pm-2pm) and (6pm-8pm) (tompkinscortland.edu)


Q Center


As the pandemic continues to deepen inequities in our country, college enrollments are trending downward among first-time, first-generation college students from low-income households and underrepresented backgrounds. While families across the state struggle with the challenges brought about by COVID-19, the State University of New York (SUNY) is offering extra support to students to submit their college applications this year.


SUNY recently launched the 'Big Dreams, Small Step' campaign to provide assistance to high school students who are at risk of being left behind this year — and who stand to benefit the most from a college degree. This new campaign builds on the 'SUNY For All' initiative, which aims to broaden access to the country's largest system of public higher education for learners at every stage of life.

We know that a college degree has the ability to change the trajectory of one's life and improve career success. However, even before the pandemic, students from low-income households or those from underrepresented groups had just a 10-25 percent chance of earning a degree. The 'Big Dreams, Small Step' initiative will provide additional support, resources, and guidance to help students navigate the admissions process this year.

Support options include:

Designated Application Weeks featuring individual appointments and personal support on the SUNY application (including assistance on how to apply to SUNY's Educational Opportunity Program). The first of these is next week, March 15-19.

  • Application fee waivers for eligible students, potentially adding up to $350 in savings when applying to multiple schools
  • SUNY's 'personalized support service' expansion to help applicants complete an application fee waiver and secure the endorsement of their high school counselor remotely
  • Enhanced 'College Advisor of the Day' programming, where high school students can book a focused, one-on-one conversation about SUNY's offerings and the application process
  • Immediate, easy-to-follow guidance on applying to SUNY and where to get help

Utica College Raise Me Scholarships:

We are excited to let you know that Utica College has partnered with RaiseMe! As you may already know, RaiseMe is an online platform for 9th-11th grade students to earn money for college. As the college search season is well underway, we wanted to encourage you to share this news with your students.

Through RaiseMe, your students can earn “micro-scholarships” (performance-based scholarships) from Utica College and nearly 300 other colleges for their high school achievements, beginning in 9th grade. Students can earn for A’s, community service, extra-curricular activities, and everything in between. Specifically, students can earn the following through Utica College’s micro-scholarship program with RaiseMe:
●    $80 for each A in a Core course
●    $40 for each extracurricular activity per school year
●    $4 for every hour of community service
●    $500 for a campus visit to Utica College
●    Up to $40 for each Honors, Advanced, College Level, Pre-AP or Pre-IB course
Thousands of counselors are using this free program to motivate students early, improve outcomes, and reinforce the guidance they’re already giving. RaiseMe can help your students get a head start on their college search, and develop into stronger applicants. Help your students get started at raise.me/join/utica





The Director of Selective Service would like to remind all men they need to register with the Selective Service.

To help register you will need to go to SSS.gov.  You can pre register at 17 years and 3 months of age until you reach 18 years of age.

SSS.gov  (Selective Service Registration )