ThoughtExchange Remote/Hybrid Learning
What is working well with remote learning and hybrid learning and what are the biggest challenges you are seeing or experiencing with remote learning and hybrid learning?

We have just completed over two weeks of instruction and we are looking for feedback about what we are doing well and what we need to adjust with our remote learning.  Your input is valued and appreciated. 

Participate in this exchange by navigating to and entering the following 9-digit code: 961-880-296

Text the 9-digit code 961-880-296 to the phone number 728-55 to get a link to participate in this exchange

ThoughtExchange runs from 9/25 -10/8. 

Quick Tips:
- This exchange is confidential. Your thoughts will be shared with other participants, but not your identity.
- If you see a thought that is rude, hurtful or identifies a person or group, you can report it by clicking in the upper right corner of the thought.
- You will see and rate thoughts that others have shared. 5 stars = strongly agree, 1 star = strongly disagree
- You do not need to rate all thoughts, though it's recommended to rate at least 20.