Capital Improvement Project Update - 8/4/2022

If you have visited our various schools this summer, you have probably noticed the ongoing construction across our district. The Oneida City School District is currently undergoing a Capital Improvement Project to bring some of our facilities up to date, improve our ADA compliance and provide better educational opportunities for our students.

This summer, many of our schools have had minor renovations (playground improvements, parking lot renovations and sealing, exterior fencing replacements, new flooring) with more improvements to come throughout the year as building supplies become available. The greatest changes that you will notice in our district are the auditorium and lobby renovations and expansion at Oneida High School.

The auditorium at Oneida High School is currently undergoing substantial upgrades to improve the experience of our students. The lobby outside of the auditorium is currently being expanded as well, and bathrooms will be added where the former math office was. Additionally, the gymnasiums are being renovated with updated lighting and mechanical upgrades, and the library is receiving mechanical upgrades.   

Improvements to school safety and security are also being implemented across the district. The school buildings will be equipped with blue, strobing lights for lockdowns and emergency buttons are being added within our various school buildings. Many exterior doors and windows will be replaced in buildings across the district and improved speakers are being installed (in and outside the buildings).

While many of these renovations are expected to be completed by the end of summer (except for the auditorium and lobby), there have been some delays due to global supply change issues. Over this coming school year, additional improvements will be made as supplies become available. The Oneida City School District is working diligently with the construction team to give our students the best experience possible as we improve our various school buildings and spaces.