Under certain circumstances the district will loan cellular hotspots for students to utilize at home. If the student is in need of a cellular hotspot, please contact the building administrator. The building administrator will have the parent /guardian sign the agreement form below and will then work with the IT department to issue a T-Mobile Hotspot. 

Dependant on availability, a mobile hotspot will be provided to the student named in this document under the following conditions: 

Use of this equipment is intended for educational purposes. 

The mobile hotspot assigned is not to be brought to school. 

The District prohibits unethical use of the Internet, email, and other media. Violation of this policy may result in the loss of equipment and privileges, and disciplinary action. All student expectations are laid out in the Responsible Use Policy and 1:1 Guidelines.

Students must abide by the following Policies and Guidelines which can be found on our District website. 
5301 Purpose Use And Administration Of District Digital Information Systems
5300 Internet Safety Policy
Oneida City School District Responsible Use Policy
Oneida City School District Code of Conduct

The mobile hotspot is CIPA compliant and includes the T-Mobile Web Guard content filter.

Altering the configuration of the equipment is prohibited. 

Service connection is not guaranteed in all areas.

2GB of high-speed data is included each month. The device will continue to provide data at reduced speeds up to 128kbps after the 2GB has been expended for the month. 

The student is responsible for the return of the mobile hotspot and the power adapter at the end of the school year. 

The parent/guardian accepts financial responsibility for loss and/or damage resulting from purposeful action or gross negligence. The replacement cost of the mobile hotspot is $84.00 and is payable to the Oneida City School District.

For technical assistance with the hotspots please call T-Mobile Care directly at 1(844) 341-4834.