Per Diem Teacher Substitutes
The daily substitute teacher rate is $131 per day for certified teachers and $114 per day for non-certified teachers. Retired teachers will be paid $142 per day. Regular substitutes are paid daily rates for the first twenty (20) days of continuous service. On the twenty-first day, they are paid a daily rate commensurate with their step on the Oneida Teachers' Association Salary Schedule. They shall be paid only for the days they work. They do not receive pay for holidays nor do they receive sick leave or personal leave benefits per contract.

 Substitute nurses
The daily substitute nurse rate is $119 per day. Retired nurses will be paid $139 per day.

 Procedure (per diem teacher sub, sub teaching assistant/aide, and sub nurse)
1.    Complete the substitute application and submit by mail to OCSD, 565 Sayles Street, Oneida, NY 13421
2.    An interview is required. Oneida interviews when needed based on its current pool of substitutes.  Candidates are notified via phone to schedule interviews as needed.
3.    A reference check is conducted following the interview.

 If recommended as a substitute:
o   Fingerprint supported criminal history background check and clearance from New York State Department of Education, if not already completed through another district.  More information is available below.
o   Board of Education appointment.

Long-term Substitutes
Long-term substitutes are those substitutes assigned to replace teachers who are ill or on leave of absence for one semester or longer. They shall be paid according to the Oneida Teachers' Association salary contract. These substitutes would receive a proration of benefits per the Oneida Teachers' Association contract.