All students must have a completed Student Health Questionnaire prior to entering the bus or building and must also wear a mask covering mouth and nose. 

Students Arriving by Bus:
Students will enter the building at the end door - door D.  An adult will accept all students and escort them into the building adhering to our rules surrounding social distancing. 
Buses arrive from 8:30-8:45 AM.

Students Arriving by Car and/or Walking to School:
Students being transported to school by a parent/guardian should arrive no earlier than 8:45 AM.  Students will be greeted by an adult and will submit their completed health questionnaire prior to entering the building.   

Student being picked up early for an appointment should bring a dated note to school indicating the time he/she will be picked up and by whom.  All adults arriving at school to pick up a student should make sure to have proper identification ready to show the secretary in the office who will release the student. 
Please note - adults not listed on the contact list for a student will not be allowed to pick a student up from school.  

Please contact Mrs. Ferrucci  or Mrs. Yardley in the main office with questions:  315-363-2190