We are excited to announce that the Oneida City School District is now including students in our SchoolMessenger robo system. Currently, the district uses the SchoolMessenger calling system to keep parents, legal guardians and staff members informed on the following categories: emergency, weather, cafeteria, attendance and general notifications. The system works by delivering a pre-recorded telephone message, text message, push update, or email to contacts specified by parents, legal guardians, and staff members. Starting in February 2019, with parental or legal guardian permission, the Oneida City School District will collect mobile phone numbers from students in grades 6-12 who would like to receive robocalls or text messages. Students will receive calls or text messages for the following categories: emergency, weather, and general notifications.

Student School Messenger Common Questions and Answers:


Can students sign themselves up for robo calls?

No. Students must have paperwork signed by a parent or legal guardian.


What grades are included in the robo system?

Students in grades 6-12.  


How many numbers can I specify?

Each student can have one phone number associated. If you wish to change any information, please be sure to contact Lori Cimpi in student registration at 315-361-6072.


Will parents receive the same messages as students?



Will calls go out during the school day?

Weather related calls and texts go out between 5:15 am and 7:00 am. If after school activities are cancelled, calls and texts get sent out before the end of the school day.  General notifications go out after 5:00 pm. Emergency calls and texts will be on a case by case basis.


It is important that we do not disrupt the educational process.  


Can parents remove themselves from being contacted by the robo system if their children receive robo calls or texts now?

Yes, but it is not suggested. It remains important that the school be able to contact you in the event of an emergency.


Will the robo system be used for classroom assignments?

No, not at this time. The robo system will be used for the following categories: emergency, weather, and general school notifications.


How do I change the numbers being called?

Phone numbers for SchoolMessenger are collected during the enrollment process or by filling out the form. You can email this form to Lori Cimpi at lcimpi@oneidacsd.org or by faxing the form to 315-366-0253.

Any time a phone number has changed, you are encouraged to contact the student registration office on behalf of your child. Lori Cimpi in student registration can be reached at 315-361-6072.


My phone number changed. How long does it take until that change is in effect?

It can take up to 24 hours for your contact information to be synced from Schooltool to SchoolMessenger.


How Do I Sign Up for Text Messaging?

After filling out and returning the form, students must opt in by texting the word “YES” to 67587. You can unsubscribe at any time by texting the word “Stop” to the same number.


Please note that the District does not pay for text message charges that may be incurred by the user. These charges are dependent on the wireless plan of the user. Please check with your carrier for possible charges before deciding to “opt in.”

Can students sign up for email notifications?

Not at this time. Students can receive phone calls and text messages.


Email should never be considered a primary source for emergency notifications, as many factors can affect the length of time between the message being sent and your mail inbox receiving that message. Our primary notification channel is voice.

Why do you call some people and not others?

When an emergency affects some of the school population, but not all of it, only the people affected will be notified. For example, if an elementary school is closed due to a power failure, only the parents and staff members in that school will be notified. This allows us to ensure that we're not needlessly notifying parents of situations that do not affect them.

I missed part of the message. How do I listen again?

At any time during the message, you can restart the message by pressing your "*" key on your phone.

Why is my answering machine recording only half of the message?

If the answering machine greeting is sporadic with various periods of silence or does not start playing within three seconds, the system may read this as a live person and begin playing the message before the machine has started recording.

Alternately, if the answering machine is set to record for a specific amount of time (e.g., 30 seconds) and the SchoolMessenger message runs longer than that, this will also result in message cut-off.

My caller ID showed that the school had called, but there was no voicemail. Why?

The system will ring a line up to six times. If your answering machine is set to pick up on seven or more rings, the message may not be delivered to your machine.

In addition, if your voicemail greeting, begins with "Hello", it may confuse the messenger system into thinking that it has reached a live individual. When this happens, if your voicemail greeting is longer than the emergency message, then messenger system will recognize that it has played back the full emergency message and will not leave the emergency message on your voicemail. If you also use a music service that plays a song prior to the call ringing to your phone, this can create the same issue.

Will the system call phone numbers with extensions?

ScholMessenger cannot navigate phone menus and is unable to dial extensions.

I have a telemarketer screening device or service. How will that affect the call?

These services prevent “unknown” calls from being delivered to your phone. Emergency calls launched through SchoolMessenger will display the number of the school calling on the caller ID. Parents can contact their phone company and request that the following numbers be added to their list of allowed callers.

District Office (315) 363-2550

Oneida High School (315) 363-6901

Otto Shortell Middle School (315) 363-1050

How do students get removed from the list?

Students will automatically get removed from the robo list when they graduate or leave the district.

If you are still receiving calls, and you no longer want to be on the list, please call Lori Cimpi in student registration at 315-361-6072.