The Oneida City School District is proud to announce the availability of the schooltool mobile app for iOS and Android (4.0 and higher) devices.  With this app, parents who have parent portal accounts for children in grades 4-12 can now log in with this app to see information about current schedules, attendance, and grades. As a reminder, Parent Portal is for parents and legal guardians only. 

If you have any questions about the mobile app or need support please contact Parent Portal at  If you do not have an account and would like to sign up for one please call Registrar at 315-361-6072 or visit Parent Resources on the district homepage for more information.

To get started using the schooltool mobile app you only need to do three things:

Download and install the Schooltool mobile app.


Enter the following three pieces of information in the fields that appear when you run the app:

  • Username: Enter your Schooltool username.  If you are a parent, this will be an email address used when you signed up for Parent Portal. If you are a teacher this will be the same username you use to login at school.
  • Password:  Enter the password you use to log into Schooltool.

Click on “Log in”

**Enabling Push Notifications: For Android, use the Settings area in the app to choose whether or not to receive notifications. For iOS users, this is managed in the Notification Center in your device’s Settings area.

Tip: You will want to use the “Stay logged in” option if you do not want to enter this information each time you access the app.