As we work to increase communication between students and teachers, the Oneida City School District has opened email accessibility for students in grades 3-12. Students in grades 3-12 are given a district '' Google EDU account that will be used for student-teacher and student-student communication only.

Students can access this feature by opening the Chrome web browser and typing in in the address bar or by clicking on Gmail in their Google EDU applications or applications ‘waffle’. Student usernames and email address reads as their graduation year, first initial, full last name and For example: John Smith graduating in 2021 will have an account that reads The student’s password is their existing network password. 

As we plan for instruction in the fall, we do so with parents as partners in mind. You can learn how to better help your child work in Google Classroom, how to create slides, docs, or access their school email by navigating to Parent Resources > iLearning Parent Resources. 

Email can be a powerful communication tool for students to increase communication and collaboration. The general rules and policies of the district are listed below and are guidelines for good decision making.

Uses of Student Email 

Students are encouraged to check their email at least once per day
Students may receive email from their teachers to communicate reminders, course content, pose questions related to class work, etc
Students may send email to their teachers with questions or comments regarding class

Student Email Permissions email system controls whom email messages can be sent to and whom they can be received from

Students cannot receive email from outside the school domain

General Email Guidelines for Students

Email is to be used for school-related communication only.
Do not send harassing email messages or content.
Do not send offensive email messages or content.
Do not send any malicious, unlawful, invasive, infringing, defamatory, or fraudulent email.
Do not intentionally distributes viruses, worms, Trojan horses, malware, corrupted files, hoaxes, or other items of a destructive or deceptive nature. 
Do not send or read email at inappropriate times, such as during class instruction.
Do not send email to share test answers or promote cheating in any way.
Do not use the account of another person.
Do not send unsolicited bulk email. 
Do not open an email from an unknown sender.
Do not send personally identifiable information or other protected data through email.
Students are prohibited from revealing or disseminating personal information about themselves (e.g., full name, home address, age, phone number, etc.) or that of other students or colleagues except in approved curricular activities that are supervised or moderated by teachers or other District staff.

Student Emails to Staff
Students are encouraged to email staff concerning school-related content and questions. Teachers will not be expected to answer student email outside of their regular work day, although they certainly may do so.

Monitoring and Filtering of Email
    Email that is sent within the District is monitored and filtered. Rules/filters are set up to monitor student email for profanity, harassment, and other inappropriate content. Student email that is identified as inappropriate will be blocked from delivery and no notice of non delivery will be given.
    If a student receives an inappropriate or offensive email they must report it to a teacher or counselor immediately. 


Expectation of Privacy
At any time and without prior notice, the school district reserves the right to monitor, inspect, copy, review, and store any and all usage of the network and the Internet, as well as any information sent or received in connection with this usage.  Because files remain the property of the school district, no one should have any expectation of privacy regarding such materials.


Students must abide by the following Policies and Guidelines which can be found on our District website  . 

5301 Purpose Use And Administration Of District Digital Information Systems.

Google also retains the right to access to the Gmail Accounts for violations of its Acceptable Use Policy. (

Students must also continue to abide by the 1:1 Chromebook Responsible Use and Guidelines, which can be found on the District website