A Message from BoE President
Posted on 03/31/2021

A Message from the Board of Education President


RE: Superintendent Search


I’d like to give you an update on the status of the Superintendent search. As many of you know we conducted a survey on the Thought Exchange which resulted in numerous responses. In addition to that Mr. Scott Budelmann, our search consultant, met with Five focus groups - Leadership, Instructional, Non-instructional, Parents, and Students. With both the Thought Exchange and focus groups we asked for and received information on the strengths of the District, opportunities for growth, and qualities and characteristics desired in a Superintendent. Many thoughtful responses were offered and we are using these responses to craft our questions for the interviews. You are part of the process. Many thanks to all who participated in any fashion. Please know the Board is taking your thoughts and beliefs to heart.

Applications for candidates closed March 12th. Scott Budelmann has conducted screening interviews with each applicant. We (the Board) met with Mr. Budelmann reviewed the information and selected individuals we wish to interview. Those initial interviews will take place after vacation. They will be the first in a series of interviews. Things will move along more quickly. We will keep you apprised of our progress. We appreciate all of your help as well as your patience. It’s an exciting time as we look forward to the future of Oneida City Schools.

Again thank you for your participation and input. It has proven to be quite helpful.


Robert Group

BOE President