Oneida City School District Facility Study

The Oneida City School District will be working with Alan Pole and Jessica Cohen from Castallo and Silky LLC – Education Consultants to study the facilities at Oneida.  The study will determine if there is a better way to educationally and fiscally to reconfigure the grades and facilities to provide a sound instructional program now and in the future.

Mr. Pole and Ms. Cohen will be working with an Advisory Committee that will consist of three teachers, two administrators, two support staff, three parents, and three community members.  Meetings will be held in each building throughout the school year and some meetings will include a tour of the facility. After the tour, the meeting will start at 6:30 PM. 

The meetings are scheduled for: (click on the link to view the materials)
September 28, 2017 at Oneida HS library
Agenda / PowerPoint / Minutes

October 26, 2017 at Otto Shortell MS
Agenda / PowerPoint / Minutes

December 7, 2017 at North Broad Elementary
AgendaPowerPoint / Minutes
January 25, 2018 at Willard Prior Elementary
AgendaPowerPoint / Minutes
February 27, 2018 at Durhamville Elementary
AgendaPowerPoint / Minutes
April 19, 2018 at Seneca Street Elementary
Agenda / PowerPoint / Minutes
May 24, 2018 at Oneida High School Library
Agenda / PowerPoint / Minutes

June 12, 2018 at Board of Education meeting to present the final report
Agenda / PowerPoint / Minutes / Final Report

The work of the Advisory Committee such as agendas and minutes will be posted in every newsletter and on this webpage.  Furthermore, community members are welcome to attend the meetings as visitor.  Each meeting will have a time where visitors can ask questions.

Once the study is complete, it will be presented to the Board of Education with the recommendations.  The consultants will provide the Board of Education with more than one recommendations with pros and cons for each recommendation.