Kristin Spinella - Technology & Engagement
Kristin Spinella 
Technology Integration Specialist
Oneida City School District
560 Seneca Street, Oneida, NY 13421
Technology Office Room 115
315-363-6901, Ext 2518

I'm Kristin Spinella, Model Schools Coordinator with the RIC.  I'm here to help
you with your Technology Integration ideas, plans, projects etc.
Don't be afraid to tap into me as I come to you and the district with 8 years of
teaching experience at the elementary school level. I am here to support you in
any way that I can. 

How are you using technology in your classroom to enhance or transform your
student's learning?  Would you like to book a time with me to discuss how we can
integrate technology into a lesson, project or daily use?  Use the link below to
schedule a time slot that will work best for you.

Kristin Spinella's Booking Calendar

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